Smile it’s a date in the sky ­čĺÖ

Some would call it a date in the clouds
I would remember it as a lesson of life
The way you talked after all I said
It almost put you on the wall of saints.

I looked at you and my heart smiled
You asked me again and again „Why?”,
„Say something, don’t be so shy”,
But I was happy looking in yours eyes.

I was thinking forever about the day
How I would feel seeing you stay
By my side and being able to touch
Not with your words, but your hands.

A touch you called it magic and I
Will remember it day by day now,
A date in clouds that made me feel
That butterflies exist and they’re real.

I know it’s only me that feels that way
And praying butterflies won’t fly away
I wish, but I won’t ask you to stay,
One wish: let the butterflies stay.

Hopefully I’ll see you again one day,
And will remember smiling this date
Again or maybe never or maybe soon
I’ll sing to you : „Fly me to the moon”

-Poeziile Ioanei-

­čôŞ Pixels

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