What’s the special occasion?

"-Looking good today, what's the special occasion?-Special occasion? I live and treat my life like a special occasion, like a special gift that I'm receiving again and again every morning!" Looking back, sometimes I feel sorry for all the time I lost on waiting for special occasions, for that special reasons , for that special... Citește în continuare →

It’s been..

5 years anniversary on 25th. And I am beyond grateful for all this years, for my journey and for everything I've learned since in the UK 🇬🇧 Long story short, let me tell you mine 😊On 25th June 2016 I entered for the first time in the United Kingdom, more specifically in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. As... Citește în continuare →

What you see and what you get 👀

Instagram 🆚 reality Instagram Good morning ☕ They say you need a good coffee in the morning to start the day properly, and I agree with that ☕😁 coffee it's always a good idea… But…the truth is you need more than that! You need something sweet, if you're a sweet tooth person, you need some... Citește în continuare →

Dear no one and my all

Happiness is not some kind of fairy taleFairy tales are best to be read in booksHappiness are mornings when you woke upAnd you are making coffee for two.I cannot decide if having you by my sideI still need something sweet for my coffeeAll I know is that I was dreaming day and nightFor my prince... Citește în continuare →

Vocabularul culorilor 🌈

EN: Pink=LovePerhaps unsurprisingly, pink is the colour of affection. It's a playful shade and shows on openness and willingness to give and receive love.RO: Roz = Dragoste Poate în mod surprinzător, rozul este culoarea afecțiunii. Este o nuanță jucăușă și arată despre deschidere și disponibilitatea de a da și de a primi dragoste. EN: Orange=JoyThis... Citește în continuare →

Name day or birthday? 🎂

3 Reasons why I celebrated my name day wich was slightly confused with my birthday 🎂 (by my British friends who don't know about name day)1. Name day celebration it is something we do in Romania 🇷🇴, as almost every person has a first name and a middle name, wich is usually a Saint's name,... Citește în continuare →

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